The new business casual collection.

No cuffs, unshrinkable, uber soft, top-shelf cotton, non-synthetic feel, and wrinkle resistant magic.

Why we built Noble

People work differently now. Whether you're working from a coffee shop, beach, home, or mountain -- you need comfortable and versatile business apparel that can keep up. We found that there weren't great business casual options on the market, so we decided to create something new.

What makes our shirts special

Unique no-cuff business casual design

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We woke up and chose violence against uncomfortable, sand-paper feeling business shirts.

This shirt is the first of it's kind, throwing the traditional cuff-link to the wayside. It's a t-shirt disguised as a button-down.

Pre-shrunk, moisture wicking, and wrinkle resistant top shelf cotton Blend.

Our shirts are weaved with top-shelf Italian cotton, which adds a unique softness and comfort to the shirt. Combine that with high quality polyester, and you have durability and wrinkle resistance. They are machine washable!

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