Long Sleeve Button-Down Hybrid

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This shirt was designed to bridge the gap between comfortable, casual, and professional. No cuffs, bed-sheet cotton, and moisture-wicking magic.

Slim Fit | Pre-shrunk | Soft & Stretchy | Secured Collar | Modern Drop Cut | No tuck/tie needed

Please check the sizing guide before purchasing. These shirts run about half a size smaller than traditional sizes, so you may need to size up.

No Cuffs

Good chance you missed it on first glance. These shirts are designed with much more comfortable sleeves that are effortless to roll up.

Business Comfortable

Looks professional like a button-down, but is ridiculously comfortable like a tee. We use high quality Mediterranean cotton and polyester for comfy goodness.

Pre-shrunk & Wrinkle Resistant

We paid extra for that. Toss it in the dryer and forget. These shirts also go through a treatment that helps keep the wrinkles out.

Biz-leisure. So hot right now.

Introducing the shirt that is defining a new category of business comfort -- business leisure.

We guarantee this is the most comfortable button down you've ever worn.

Hidden Collar Button

The collars are secured by a hidden button, which keeps the collar from flopping and looking unprofessional.

Moisture Wicking

The material is naturally resistant to moisture and will breath more than traditional material.

Slim Fit & Stretch

This shirt follows a slim, athletic fit, and is has a natural 4-way stretch. We recommend sizing up if you prefer a more relaxed fit.

No cuffs = no hassle

When your intention is business casual, you don't need the cuffs and floppy collars. This shirt is designed to be untucked, without a tie. Time to show off those chest hairs.