Guide: Using Accessories To Level Up Your Style

Guide: Using Accessories To Level Up Your Style
It's well known that accessories are a great way to take your style up a few notches, but it's a fine line. Using the wrong accessories can actually damage your outfit, so in this blog we'll go over the top easy wins for accessories and some tips to help you stand out!

Most men actually aren't comfortable with jewelry, so it represents a unique advantage to stand out and show some personality. Don't be afraid to live life on the edge a little bit with your accessory choices -- bold can be a good thing.

# 1 Watches

Watches are here to stay, that's for sure. Watches easily represent the easiest way to express yourself through an accessory. Your watch selection can tell people a lot about your personality -- for better or for worse.

There's a few obvious trends happening right now as we approach 2023 in the watch game. First, is the rise of digital watches like the Apple watch. From our research, it's a love or hate relationship, and also how others perceive them. With the rise of digital watches, we believe it's time to use analog watches to differentiate yourself.

As far as analog watches, minimalist faces are all the rave right now. Simple white faces, neutral colored rims, and black/brown straps are a risk-free way to compliment nearly any outfit.

Tip: Try to find a white face, silver rim, and black band if you want a watch that works for virtually all outfits


#2 Bracelets

The bracelet trend is here, and it's not going anywhere. Men's bracelets are certainly in the top three of accessories that have been trending in 2022. We don't expect that to change any time soon.

Bracelets really do offer the widest range of customization available. You can choose a combo that suits the style you're going for best. It's a good practice to know that bracelets are designed for subtlety -- it's not necessarily the goal to go bold here.

If you live in the business world, metals will do you well -- particularly grays and blacks. There's also a style of boho black & browns that are becoming widely popular. What's great is you can combo bracelets together for a bit of added affect!

Tip: Silver & black go grey together, and work with virtually any outfit. Try finding something that isn't just fashion for you -- find something that has meaning. Whether it's an experience, trip, or memory, bracelets are much better when they have a story.

#3 Rings

Rings are bold. Not all men have the confidence to wear this type of jewelry, but it can easily define you as confident if you do. There's a dying opinion that men should only wear their wedding ring, and 2023 is doubling down on that narrative.

The ring market for men has boomed in the last few years, and there are plenty of options available ( which can be overwhelming). From our perspective, minimalist silvers and blacks are doing best. They're not too loud, work with everything, and you don't risk any bad perceptions. 

With rings, less is certainly more. We recommend 1 ring, or a maximum of 2 if you're married. With accessories we're really trying to add up the subtleties -- not go overboard.

Tip: If you're going for 2+ rings, make sure you're following a similar style for both. They should be in the same category, like minimalist, boho, and even metals.

#4 Glasses

Even more so than watches, glasses are both a fashion booster and ALSO practical. Fashion aside, indoor blue-light blocking glasses and outdoor UV-blocking glasses are good for your eyeballs. 

There's no doubt about it -- glasses represent a powerful way to level up your style points. We're seeing a rise in indoor glasses use in 2022, even for folks without prescription. With the rising light contamination from screens, it's an incredible opportunity to improve your sense of style.

For computer glasses, we recommend clear-lens. Yellow can work for some people, but it's a bit much. There's no incredibly concrete science on clear vs yellow, so trying to go for anti-glare and blue-light is your best bet. We're seeing two styles that are really popular, one being the return of the Clubmaster style, and the other is your traditional minimalist lens.

For sunglasses, the nice thing is the styles that are trending are completely the same, but with dark lenses. One consideration to add a little flare would be rocking some turtle shell frames.

Tip: Hang your sunglasses on the front of your shirt when you are indoors for extra style brownie points.

Overall, the really cool part is you can combine all of these accessories into one badass set. Rings + glasses + bracelets + a watch = one fashionable man.


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